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Top 5 Questions about Living Room

1. Why Living Room?

Having hosted the Living Room Conventions over the last few weeks we realised: this is fun and (hopefully) useful!
There is a huge demand for an exchange of ideas, cases and tips within our industry. And it's something that benefits everyone.

We want to do our part in the development of the digital sports industry and what you see here is the result of that! Register now to be a part of it!

2. Eh... why do I need to register?!

Would you let anyone into your living room? 😬 We want this to be a transparent exchange between people working in sports, digital, marketing and the creative industry, surrounding the following topics:

  • → Analytics
  • → Business
  • → Content
  • → Social Media
  • → Strategy

The idea is to cover concrete topics in video form.

3. Why video?

So we can see each other… 🤓 Video is the most personal way of communicating information. All content is available on demand and ready for your viewing pleasure, whenever you have a minute or two and want to get updated on the latest ideas and trends.

So you know what to expect, all topics will be covered in specific formats.

4. How come specific formats?

A piece of content is only as good as its format, and vice versa. We and our participating experts want to communicate the essence, so that you can take in and apply the information as easily as possible.

To begin with we will have the following formats:

  • → 📖 Story Behind | Background info on a specific topic
  • → 5️⃣ My Five | Five personal tips
  • → 👓 Spotted | Experts sharing the latest trends
  • → 💥Platform Update | Summary and how to regarding the latest platform updates
  • → 💡 Short Cut | Practical tip or instruction solving work's everyday challenges
  • → 🥇Milestone | We celebrate a new follower milestone with creators or the responsible person in charge

We also plan on hosting regular live Living Room Conventions!


5. How can I take part?

As a guest or speaker - simply register.

Send us your topics and ideas via the feedback button or write to us via:


So... a warm welcome to the Athletia Living Room!
Your Athletia Team ✌️