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"We want to be the most progressive football club in the world" | How AC Milan Wins the Next Generation of Sports Fans

18.11.2020 |

AC Milan looks back at more than 120 years of history, but success doesn’t come easily – it requires hard work. And while the club has its pedigree to call upon, that doesn’t mean it can just expect new fans to follow the team. Maikel Oettle, Sponsorship Sales Director at AC Milan, tells us how the club continues to excel in reaching new sports fans – today and tomorrow. Learn all about the club’s exiting new direction and unique sponsorship activations, as Maikel talks us through 5 key principles when developing a commercial strategy for the next generation of sports fans. (Recorded on 12 November 2020)

  • Ownership & Management
  • Clear Commercial Vision
  • Brand Positioning
  • Transcending Football
  • New Global Partnerships Strategy

Reach out to our expert guest on LinkedIn: Maikel Oettle

Last but certainly not least, we are also happy to welcome our new host: Chris Stokel-Walker