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"As an agency, our job right now is to keep our clients employed" | How Mark Harrison would rewrite his book on Sponsoring

21.10.2020 |

Mark Harrison is the founder of The T1 Agency and SponsorshipX, an expert in the field of sponsorship and author of “What Sponsors Want”. In his book he draws on 26 years of sports marketing experience, as he reflects on five principles of what sponsors are really after. However, if Mark had known that a pandemic was about to unfold, turning the sponsorship market upside down, he would have rewritten a few chapters. (Recorded on 5 October 2020)


In this video, Mark reveals to us how he would alter some of the key principles:

  1. Borrow Equity > Scenario Planning 
  2. Tell Stories > Increase Platforms
  3. Engage Stakeholders > Generate Revenue 
  4. See Proof > Convince Bosses 
  5. Get promoted > Stay Employed   

Our guest on LinkedIn: Mark Harrison

His Book: What Sponsors Want