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Recap 2020

Athletia Living Room in 2020 | Here’s what we’ve learned

18.02.2021 |

Our Living Room is still incredibly young, but we’ve learned so much from the exclusive guests we’ve invited in 2020. In the last few months, we’ve shown how sports marketing has adapted, survived – and thrived. Relive some of the things we’ve learned from top executives and key decisionmakers over the short time we’ve been in existence.


Of course, this is only a selection of the many experts we hosted so far. Here's a list of the full episodes featured in this video:

Maikel Oettle on the new commercial strategy of AC Milan

Mark Harrison on the role of agencies in times of uncertainty

Zarah Al-Kudcy on Formula 1's digital Paddock Club experience

Maximilian Schmidt on Kinexon SafeZone

Andreas Heyden on the advantages of 5G in stadiums 

Charlotte Kohlhas on TikTok's content graph

Farhan Ahmed on what it takes to be successful on Twitch